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What to Buy and Products of Excellence

Art of Taste Bakery

If you love the smell of warm bread, if you cannot say “no” to a freshly-baked breakfast, if you are just passing through Gerace and want to bring home a little 'taste of Calabria, the bakery "Arte del Sapore" is the place for you. From bread to freshly made cakes, at "Arte del Sapore" you will be captured by a whirlwind of aromas that will not let you leave so easily and most likely… not empty-handed.

Contrada Badea – Gerace
Point of sale Piazza Tribuna - Gerace
+39 0964 356367


Crossroads of Tastes

It is not always easy to take the right road when you are at a crossroads; fortunately when it comes to the crossroad of good flavors, you can’t go wrong since it brings to new experiences and new tastes. All the local Calabrian products are waiting to be discovered with artisan production all year round, from cakes and homemade baked goods to hand-rolled pasta, to the cold-cuts and cheeses of Calabrian production.

Contrada Azzuria, 130 – Gerace

+39 0964 440337


Salumificio Marturano

Il gusto e la passione per questo mestiere vengono tramandati di padre in figlio da generazioni, ed è per questo che il salumificio Marturano è sinonimo di eccellenza da oltre 30 anni. La ricerca nel tempo della migliore metodologia di allevamento e macellazione portano oggi l’attività a presentare un’offerta fatta di prodotti certificati, sani e genuini che grazie al loro gusto autentico incuriosiscono sempre più utenti a richiedere fattorie didattiche per apprendere un consumo più responsabile, comprendendo fino in fondo ciò che si sta mangiando.

Contrada Brigà, snc – Gerace

Point of sale Piazza del Tocco - Gerace
+39 342 7040962

Sapuri Calabrisi
by Roberto Macrì

The Latins believed that in a name you could find one’s destiny and as such “SapuriCalabrisi” is the right place to discover all the nuances of the taste of this rich land. Cured meats and cheeses, spirits and wine, pickles and preserves, spices, jams and marmalades and even bergamot and chili pepper specialties are waiting to be tasted and will become a special place where you know you will find good quality food during your stay. 

Via Nazario Sauro, 3 – Gerace
+39 327 946 6372

Bergamotteria of Calabria

In the narrow streets of Gerace, where time is never rushed, you will be surrounded by the authentic aromas of Calabria, found in the scents of the cured meats whether spicy or sweet, sweet jams and preserves, in the intoxicating discovery of local wines wisely selected and, it goes without saying, by the unmistakable freshness of bergamot with which extracts, honey, drinks, sweets and so much more is produced. Everything is marked by the courtesy and kindness of the staff.

Via Zaleuco, 23 – Gerace
+39 340 0641099

Farm Marturano

A story that starts from afar, the respect for the territory which is strongly based on food and survival, where tradition marries quality to provide customers with the best products for their homes and families. The Farm Marturano, in the sign of tradition offers a wide range of typical products of its own production as preserved in oil and vinegar with garden products, jams and preserves, legumes, but also meat, cured meats, cheeses, hot pepper in all forms and an extra virgin olive oil of absolute excellence produced directly from the family mill.

Contrada Zarioti – Gerace
+39 346 5817221

The House of Chili Pepper

If you are in Gerace and suddenly you are seized by the desire to really ‘turn on’ your taste buds, The House of Chili Pepper is the place for you. Inside you will find a wide selection of products made with fresh dried hot peppers of different intensities of taste and power. With oil, sauces and jams, you will “ignite” in no time, your love for hot peppers.

Via Mercadante 1-3 – Gerace
+39 320 6184128

Grocert Shop
of Filippone Mirella

In one of the main streets of the city, a few steps from the city center, you will discover a place where those looking for something good and local will find. At Mirella’s Grocery you will be launched into the discovery of local products carefully selected and sought after that tell the flavors of Calabria.

Via Nazionale – Gerace
+39 346 6390861

Grocert Shop
of Graneri Maria

Calabria, in addition to the great merit of being able to surprise its visitors at every glimpse, whether within the city walls or among the lush natural surroundings, has such a wealth of products that it is difficult not to give in to temptation. If during your exploration you were overwhelmed by the desire for something authentic and at the same time delicious, a few minutes from town you can visit the grocery shop of Maria Graneri. She will be pleased to offer you a careful selection of the best local products.

Contrada San Filippo – Gerace
+39 0964 656056

Ceramics Condò

Gerace, and more generally Calabria, are distinguished not only for the unquestionable beauty of the landscape and natural and historical heritage, but also for the craftsmanship that has always been a cornerstone of local culture. They know it well at "Ceramiche Condò", where the production of handicrafts are performed with the maximum respect to tradition and ancient processes in order to make the artifacts unique and distinctive, with references to the artistic tradition of a past time, allowing customers to literally take home, a piece of Gerace’s history. 

Piazza Tribuna, 13 – Gerace
+39 347 5175906

Le Carni di Rodinò Davide

Butcher and delicatessen located in the heart of the medieval center where customers have the best selection of fresh and tasty meats, organic and local. Animals directly from the family farm, of undisputed quality born and bred according to the ancient processes. The butcher's shop prepares tasty baskets, which can also be composed as you like to always carry products of excellence with you.

Largo Barlaam, 5/6 – Gerace
+39 340 1515240

Sapiri and Sapuri

“Sapiri e Sapuri” is an association created to carry out activities in the areas of local culture, crafts, solidarity and promotion of local food and wine heritage through the discovery of typical products: an explosion of spices and scents will accompany you through a journey into the most authentic Calabrian taste.  

Via Zaleuco, 4/6 – Gerace
+39 328 4177887

Molino Marturano

The milling processes of the past are preserved and handed down from generation to generation, transmitting the knowledge of those who have made ‘true quality’ their way of life. Flour is brought to its maximum expression and nobilitated in every flavour, from spelt, barley, rye, thymilla flour to kamut flour.

C/da San Filippo – Gerace
+39 0964 356741

Service Point
of Siciliano Francesca

Gerace, thanks to its landscape and cultural richness, will not take long to fill your eyes with beauty and your heart with memories. To bring home a souvenir that can always rekindle the excitement of the beautiful experiences spent in Gerace, Siciliano Francesca's Service Point has a wide range of gifts and items to keep the memory of this unforgettable trip, alive.

Piazza Del Tocco, 9 – Gerace RC
+39 0964 356584

Eat, drink and sleep

The Ancient Village

A sumptuous nineteenth century building, located in one of the most characteristic areas of the city, offers 4 rooms, inspired by the flowers that color and embellish Gerace, equipped with every service. The cozy and spacious restaurant offers traditional cuisines with a focus on organic ingredients, and a 'wide range of wines with the best labels and selection of natural wines of the territory.

Via IV Novembre, 38 – Gerace
+39 0964 356173 / +39 392 0144556

Bistrot des Artistes

A refined restaurant, just a few metres from the Basilica Concattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta, with open kitchen, limited seats but high quality products, marked by the rhythm of the changing seasons. In the small flowery square you will discover the pleasure of an authentic taste experience within a discreet and elegant space, with an à la carte menu, tasting menu and preparation of tasty picnic baskets.

Tribuna Square - Gerace
+39 320 4341027

La Valle Incantata Agriturismo
and Fattoria de Lillas

Due grandi casolari circondati da secolari querce, frutteti, agrumeti e vigneti è il contesto in cui prende corpo
l’ agriturismo, dotato di camere ristrutturate e fornite di ogni servizio, che dal 2009 si è specializzato nell’ospitalità, nella ristorazione e nella produzione e vendita di prodotti agricoli.
An ideal environment for those seeking peace and good food.

Contrada Preiori, 1 – Gerace
+39 328 0832451

La Terrazza Restaurant

The restaurant proudly pursues the concept of quality and attention to hospitality, which has been passed from generation to generation. The owners will enjoy making you lose yourself in a whirlwind of tastes and flavors thanks to the wide proposal offered from the restaurant, which for decades remains coherent on a service based on the originality and the authenticity of the flavors that have always made Calabria unique.

Via Nazionale, 77 – Gerace
+39 0964 356739 / +39 340 8171060

Il Gusto Ristorante

This is the ideal place for those seeking a break to enjoy a restorative parenthesis of relaxation. Rotisserie, bar and pizzeria, “Il Gusto” will be ready to welcome you in helping you enjoy its products, from plentiful appetizer platters, full of local delicacies, to the legendary cannoli with creamy ricotta cheese.

Via Migliacco, 2 – Gerace
+39 327 4697314

A Squella Restaurant

A large dining room always prepared and ready to accommodate customers and friends looking for genuine dishes that taste like “tales and tradition“. The cuisine is of the most typical Mediterranean recipes along with recipes from the Gerace territory, itself. The restaurant is also equipped for vegetarian, vegan and gluten intolerant customers.

Via della Resistenza, 8 – Gerace
+39 0964 356086

Il Brillo Parlante Restaurant

Family cooking, genuine and excellent hospitality are the characteristics that distinguish the "Brillo Parlante", a tavern rich in colors and flavors where the staff is courteous and hearty and helps to make guests always feel welcome and embraced by the friendliness of the past. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and offers Italian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Via IV Novembre, 3 – Gerace
+39 349 741 5733

Trattoria Osteria Broccia

Una sala interna accogliente, confortevole e curata nel dettaglio ed un’area esterna per godersi l’aria frizzante delle serate geracesi è quello che Trattoria Osteria “Broccia” mette a disposizione dei propri ospiti per far sì che i propri prodotti vengano gustati al meglio. Pasta fresca tirata a mano, pietanze realizzate con materia prima locale, dolci di finissima fattura attendono solo voi per essere assaggiati.

Via IV Novembre, 5 – Gerace
+39 340 0641099

Il Lupo Cattivo

A Restaurant with specialties typical of Calabrian cuisine, a wide range of products cooked on the grill, but also rich wooden trays of traditional meats, cheeses and appetizers. You can also taste homemade pasta, excellent fish dishes and pizzas cooked in a wood burning oven.

Contrada Cavuria, 69 – Gerace
+39 0964 355143

Pizzeria Restaurant
“La Tribula”

In order to safeguard the territory and the local productions, the Pizzeria Restaurant "La Tribula", creates dishes exclusively with products of the area, cheeses and meats of local production, that can be found in its traditional recipes . Moreover, you can enjoy all the robust flavor of grilled meat that come from local farms.

Contrada Merici – Gerace
+39 3275371723

Bar del Tocco

Within the central Piazza del Tocco, you will find a bar and pastry shop equipped with every service to give yourself a break from the tour around the city of Gerace., whether it be for a coffee with friends or to taste the delicious ice-cream or granita, but also to enjoy delicious local products served through an aperitif with friendliness and kindness by the welcoming staff.

Piazza Del Tocco 7 – Gerace
+39 0964 356028

Cathedral Bar

Located in the heart of the city, the structure offers bar service, cafeteria, pastry shop and sandwich shop and, moreover, it offers its customers not only classic coffee, but also homemade granite and ice cream, made only with fresh seasonal fruit, of which almond and bergamot stand out for their taste. It will also be possible to taste a wide range of sweets, pastry mignon and cakes which are designed for any and all occasions.

Piazza Tribuna, 1 – Gerace
+ 39 389 5814612

Bar Dolce e Salato
of Rinaldis Daniele

“From Sweet to Salty”…the name says it all… here you will find everything that can stimulate your palette with new experiences tasting locally made pastries and ice cream, pizzas and roasted foods. A panacea or elixir of taste in the historical center of Gerace.

Largo Barlaam, Via Zaleuco – Gerace
+39 388 4473276

National Bar

In the enchanting Borgo Maggiore of the city of Gerace, since 1983, Bar Nazionale offers genuine products to local customers and visitors, with authentic flavors, that taste like pure tradition, always served with passion and love. The bar also carries out activities of confectionery offering handmade cakes and enriches the offer with delicious pizzas.

Via Nazionale 12 – Gerace
+39 0964 356777

Platinum Bar

Bar, pastry shop, ice cream, Bar Platinum is ready to provide all of his love for this profession, pampering you with high quality artisanal products, such as the legendary “nougat”, and fresh pastries with refined and elegant sweets. The sweetest flavors of Calabria in a cozy and warm environment.

Contrada Azzuria – Gerace
+39 0964 356019

Sant'Anna Palace

Palazzo Sant'Anna is a historical structure, comprised of 10 rooms finely restored and furnished attentively to ensure that each one expresses its own identity. The hotel is characterized by the attention to detail that can be seen in the common areas and by the warm welcoming staff. A showpiece of the hotel is the wonderful "Balcony on the Ionian Sea", an enchanting setting to host dinners, lunches and any event to make it unique.

Via Sant’Anna, 1 – Gerace
+39 0964 355010

Fortress House

With its authentic and elegant taste, Casale della Rocca, originally an ancient convent, is the perfect place for those looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, thanks to the three hectares of lush greenery in which it is immersed, and the warmth offered by the staff.

There are five rooms, all different from each other - with a view of the sea, the green olive grove or the countryside - elegant and equipped with every service. Numerous services are offered by the structure: cooking classes, horseback riding, naturalistic excursions by sea and helicopter. Thanks to its strategic position, the structure is the ideal starting point to discover the Locride area.

Contrada Rocca – Gerace
+39 340 6049438

Baron G. R. Macrì

The uncontaminated green, the silence and the peace of the countryside are the context in which you will be welcomed with at Baron G.R. Macrì. Renovated and furnished rooms, made unique by the attention to detail, and equipped with all services (internet, adsl, wifi, air conditioning). Here you will also discover all the goodness of the local cuisine of Gerace made according to ancient customs and only with products of the farm, all strictly organic. Perfect for a romantic dinner, to celebrate events and anniversaries.

Contrada Modi – Gerace
+39 335 1283052

Candida Palace

In one of the most fascinating and distinctive historical buildings in Gerace lies Candida Palace, a panoramic and lavish B & B that offers five elegantly furnished rooms, each designed to be unique, and equipped with every comfort, from satellite television to air conditioning, to the courtesy tray on arrival. Along with the courtesy of the staff you will be captured by the local delicacies offered by the seasonal restaurant where you can enjoy lunches and dinners, or delicious aperitifs. The large and elegant spaces are also the ideal place to celebrate parties and events.

Via Zaleuco, 16 – Gerace
+39 0964 086441 / +39 370 1435693

Ferrari House B&B

A historical building from 1600 renovated in detail that now offers three bedrooms, for a total of eight beds, air-conditioned, with private bathrooms and comfortable beds with hand-embroidered sheets. The rooms overlook the Ionian coast and the Church of San Martino, the same scenery from which you will be enchanted with while having breakfast, served on the small but very evocative panoramic terrace, where you can enjoy fresh homemade cakes made every day.

Via Roma, 36 – Gerace
+ 39 340 2844391 / +39 340 1502646

Bellavista B&B

Immerso nella campagna calabrese, il B&B  dispone di tutti i servizi  necessari per una vacanza lontana dallo stress. Dopo il pernottamento, potrete consumare la prima colazione dolce a buffet di torte fatte in casa e frutta fresca nella splendida veranda che affaccia sulla vista mozzafiato del Mar Jonio. Nelle aree comuni è possibile utilizzare connessione Wi-Fi gratuita e la cucina condivisa. Da non perdere la possibilità di noleggio biciclette per visitare le zone circostanti.

Contrada Rocca, 2 – Gerace
+39 0964 356384 / +39 340 9713490 

Locanda Il Cappero B&B

Locanda Il Cappero is not far from one of the most important historical sites of the city, Le Bombarde. It is a family-run business where one can spend holidays and getaways in total relaxation in a characteristic cottage dug into the tuff, (limestone earth) which is typical of these parts. The structure is only 6 kilometers from the beautiful Costa dei Gelsomini (Jasmine Coast).

Via Tommaso Campanella, 1 – Gerace
+ 39 0964 356185

La Rupe B&B

The B&B La Rupe is located in the Palazzo Scaglione, historical residence where the English painter and writer Edward Lear stayed in 1847. The position inside the historical center of Gerace guarantees its guests a pleasant visit of the town on foot. The welcoming and familiar environment, the reserved parking and the garden with a panoramic view of the entire Ionian coast also known as the "Jasmine Coast", are ideal for anyone who wants to relax and enjoy an atmosphere of yesteryear.

Via Sottoprefettura, 8 – Gerace
+39 0964 402007

Lo Sparviero B&B

Located in the heart of the Borgo Maggiore of the enchanting medieval center of Gerace, this holiday house offers 8 beds in rooms comfortably furnished, equipped with TV and air-conditioning and with private bathroom. You will enjoy warmth and cordiality immersed in the beautiful historical and cultural landscape of the place. The structure, located a short distance from the Ionian Sea (10 km) and the National Park of Aspromonte (20 km) is open all year round.

Via Nazionale, 15 – Gerace
+39  329 1866892

B&B La Casetta

Availability, courtesy and hospitality are the hallmarks of the staff who will be happy to welcome you in this small and warm location. The structure is furnished with taste and attention, so consistent with the surrounding environment that thanks to the proximity of the Cathedral, is extremely suggestive. Juices, water and fresh fruit will be awaiting you upon your arrival and you can enjoy a sweet awakening with the breakfasts served each morning.

Largo Giovanni Battista Chiappe – Gerace
+39 346 2274542

The Cavalcavia Holiday House

Palazzo Cavalcavia is located in a central yet quiet position. It is an ancient noble building restored with a decor consistent with the ambiance and, in context with the period’s style and furnished with great love for detail but with an eye for comfort. The structure offers large and high rooms paved in majolica, and boasts a wonderful terrace beautifully framed by the bougainvillea flower.

Piazza del Tocco – Gerace
+39 0964 356565 / +39 0964 356061 / +39  329 9422762

The Roman Empire Farmhouse

A charming structure that recalls the taste of tradition that never goes out of fashion. This is the external appearance of the farmhouse which, however, inside offers style and refinement with rooms cleverly furnished with befitting elegance. While enjoying a relaxing vacation you will be surrounded by beauty and extreme indulgence since the structure also offers a spa to complete the experience along with having the opportunity to live a sweet awakening thanks to the rich breakfasts offered by the farm. How can you go wrong?

Contrada Cavuria – Gerace
+39 328 4948340