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Pills of handicraft

Foundation of the City of Gerace

The Foundation’s purpose is to embellish the artistic, architectonic, archaeological and environmental patrimony of Gerace, and the whole Calabrian Region through the promotion of the study and scientific and historical research of the territory. This objective is pursued through the preservation of the environment, assets and real estate of artistic, historical, archaeological, ecological value and through the promotion of learning activities, scientific research and documentation of all the local products.

We are all Roger
A path that starts from the shapeless earth transforming it with techniques and methodologies that are the basis of the ceramic process, through a harmonious approach.
The act of shaping clay, is a creative activity that naturally brings us back to our childhood, to an imaginary world. It enables continuous discoveries, new creations and intense emotions such as pleasure and satisfaction. We will discover how the manipulation of clay has almost infinite expressiveness and offers unlimited space for the development and manifestation of our own creativity, both permitting the realization of the real artistic ceramics of Gerace’s tradition, participating interactively in the whole process, from the manipulation of clay until the realization of the object cooked in the oven, which in the end becomes terracotta. Once you have understood the basics, everyone will be able to create the work of art they want, which will be cooked, decorated and finally brought home.

Pills of handicraft: pottery workshop at Bottega Artigiana Bruno Fassari. € 3,50 per person.
Reservation required. Minimum 10 people.

Info and contacts
Foundation of the City of Gerace
Gerace Largo delle Tre chiese – Complesso Monumentale di San Francesco D’Assisi
Anselmo Scaramuzzino +39 340 63 23 942