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Walking with the Count

Visita guidata con Ruggero Il Normanno

The Association of Gerace’s Social Promotion, created and run on a voluntary basis, private and totally non-profit by nature, but with public relevance and for purposes of social promotion, tourism, enhancement of the reality and naturalistic, cultural, and historical potentiality along with the recognition of Gerace’s food and wine. Among the tasks and objectives it thrives on the development of social, cultural and recreational activities with great skill and organizational capacity.

We are all Roger
Walking through the streets of one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, accompanied by historical figures who tell the story of the myths and legends, is like diving into the past and reliving the charm and atmosphere ...of once upon a time.
The Pro Loco of Gerace, provides the service of storytellers of the past to tourists who want to discover the village of Gerace, not only through the main monuments, but especially through the minor architecture that authentically represents the medieval imprint of this magnificent town. The tour starts from the lower part of the city, from Borgo Maggiore and through the most representative alleys, where you can admire the medieval mullioned windows with two distinctively shaped lights along with the military and civil structures. You will then arrive at the historical center, where the tour ends with the visit of the majestic Basilica, all accompanied by the narration of Ruggero and his lovely ladies-awaiting.
In addition, for those who want to step into the shoes of Norman characters, such as Ruggero, Basil or Melita, the Proloco provides the rental service of that costumes from that era.

A walk with the Count: guided tour with Ruggero. € 5,00 per person.
€ 15.00 per person for costume rental + the walk tour fee.
Reservation is required. Minimum 5 people.

Info and contacts
Pro Loco City of Gerace
Via Roma, s.n.c. , Gerace
Tina Macri +39 347 29 36 718