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The sweet "il tocco"

The Ancient Village

Four rooms with names that evoke the flowers that color Gerace as the gentian or broom shrub, the orchid, the cyclamen; a simple menu but of great tradition consisting of dishes prepared with care and great attention to raw materials and new cooking techniques, so as to make them lighter and more digestible, also thanks to the extra virgin olive oil exclusively from olives grown and picked in Gerace, itself. Presented in the simple yet cozy restaurant with white walls, chairs, tables and ceilings characterized by twelve semicircular vaults that, in summer, is extended into the outdoor space to create a harmonious space filled plants that adorn its corners and create a dominating natural green. Forty seats inside while fifty in the outdoor area where you can taste the best of traditional Calabrian cuisine: gourmet meals with appetizers of raw and cooked fish, fresh pasta, bread made with sourdough and an optimal combination of the best stone-ground flours, desserts and sorbets in the most diverse flavors. All accompanied by a calibrated wine list where the best Italian labels alternate with those of Calabria, whether whites, rosés, reds and sweet or dessert wines of the Grecanic area: real gems with a unique and distinct tastes and still unknown to the general public. While the context has a great impact: the building is part of a sumptuous palace of the nineteenth century and is located in one of the most characteristic places of the village where it can be reached by walking along Piazza delle Tre Chiese, (Square of the Three Churches)so called because of the presence of three sacred buildings dedicated to the Sacred Heart, to St. Francis and to St. Giovaniello and leading, then, in a twisted and curved alley that accompanies the tourist almost up to the threshold of "L'Antico Borgo".

antico borgo

We are all Roger
Federica Cataldo will accompany the tourists in the Norman itinerary making them taste a "piece" of the history of Gerace with the "Tocco", or “the touch” a sweet inspired by the reunion of the two brothers which, happened in the central square named for this famous episode: the pardon and forgiveness granted by Ruggero to his brother Roberto il Guiscardo after a long rivalry. Both the fresh and cool version will be presented. The fresh and cool version representing the embrace between the sweetest and the most bitter almond just as the two brothers with so very different characters, found on a base of honey crumble to represent the warm colors of the Piazza del Tocco accompanied by a cream of sun-dried figs of Gerace, mint and wild flowers looking out over the Aspromonte mountains. But not forgetting the drier version, a cookie with almonds, honey and dried fruit. Federica and staff will be happy to reveal the story behind this local delicacy, inspired by an event of brotherly love that overcomes rivalry and thirst for power to reaffirm the strength of blood ties.
You can also participate in the "Dinner with Ruggero", an authentic Norman meal made according to ancient tradition based on all the specialties of the area that in one bite will take you back in time. In addition, in collaboration with the Cultural Association "Leggendo tra le Righe" (Reading between the lines), anecdotes and stories from intertwined plots will reveal all the secrets of Ruggero’s Court.

Here you can...
Simplicity and attention to details: this is the golden rule that Gerace tries to keep in order to link different moments and experiences that tourists can experience related to the “the Old Village”, which, among its beauty also gives you the opportunity to have a quiet stay, not lacking in every possible comfort with shared living spaces, well-equipped rooms, all with private bathroom, heating, television, internet, Wi-Fi and the possibility of creating daily itineraries according to your needs, for example a quick breakfast or a stop-in for lunch and/or dinner. With the staff available, in addition, to welcome you with satisfying any particular food needs and to advise you on the itineraries to be discovered. With calm, passion and knowledge.

The sweet (fresh and cool) “Il tocco” and the sweet (biscuit) “Il Tocco”
€ 5,00
Dinner with Ruggero
€ 28,00 + € 10,00 per person
for the show

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The Ancient Village
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