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Ruggero’s Cup

Bistrot des Artistes

In Piazza Tribuna there is an enchanted space located in the heart of the old town which is the entrance to the Episcopal Citadel, a small and refined restaurant where guests feel as if they were transported back in time, coeval of Duke Ruggero. It houses an open kitchen, limited seating, extravagant arches and elegantly set tables-well-spaced to allow some quiet conversation and, for those struck by Cupid’s magic arrow a place to exchange romantic gazes and hold hands while making promises of eternal love. Preferably, when the season allows, a stroll in the flowery little square enriched by a public cast-iron fountain from the '30s is recommended.
“I remember when having running water in the house was only a luxury and it was necessary to draw it from places like this fountain.” says one of the elders of the town. Only a few meters away , to give further charm stands the imposing Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, the largest religious monument of the Norman era in Calabria. It’s the Ideal location to abandon all of your concerns and worries and feel regenerated entering in the contemporary reality accompanied by a menu with simple and genuine dishes, prepared with local, seasonal products, an expression of the gastronomic excellence of Gerace: fresh homemade pasta, polenta with sausage meatsauce (ragù), meatballs in tomato sauce, sliced meat, almond cake with chopped pistachios. The famous specialty of the "Bistrot" is a set of ten samples of typical Mediterranean recipes which are simply tasty, fragrant and a masterpiece to the eye. The wine list is well-balanced and at the end of the exquisite meal, a small glass of homemade liqueur will be waiting for you.

We are all Roger
It’s while people eat, that passions originate, friendships are strengthened, rivalries and grudges are forgotten. Sharing food is an intimate gesture of love and acceptance of one another, where the prevailing individuality transforms itself into collectivity. And, it surely must have also been so for Ruggero and his brother, the duke Roberto il Guiscardo, that celebrated their reconciliation with a sumptuous banquet and the presence of their servants. This event is remembered every year on August 21st thanks to a historical reenactment with medieval costumes, organized by the local Pro Loco and that actively sees the entire population of Gerace involved. Patrizia, owner of the "Bistrot des Artistes", organizes a medieval banquet inspired by Ruggero’s teachings, dedicated to "The value of friendship and forgiveness", obviously reservations are required.
Moreover, Patrizia prepares a "basket of artists", a picnic basket that contains the flavour of a land rich in history, editable with any of your favorite products to enjoy whenever and wherever you want while immersed in the beauties of the territory.

Here you can...
Voltaire said: “Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity.” This quote perfectly conveys the charming atmosphere that you can feel in the antique yet cozy walls, thanks to the careful direction of Patrizia Cataldo. Everything, even the smallest detail, is perfectly calibrated, the service is efficient yet discreet. The cuisine satisfies both sight and taste. Here, whether it be the occasional stop-in or the faithful regular customer, each is considered a friend to whom we offer a unique and unrepeatable sensory experience, which begins with a refreshing glass of bergamot sorbet, pampering them with the preparation of delicious picnic baskets with appetizing delicacies and finger food.

Norman Tastings. € 18,00 per person.
Ruggero’s Cup. € 4,00
Reservation is required.

Info and contacts
Bistrot des Artistes
Piazza Tribuna, 13 – Gerace
Patrizia Cataldo +39 320 4341027