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The Baron's experiences

Pasta, formaggi, pane e banchetto medievale

Olive groves, vineyards, citrus groves, arable land all organically cultivated. Moreover a dairy farm where you can find the production of extra virgin olive oil, wine, vegetables, and honey of many different flavors. A farmhouse is an intense activity full of information and knowledge which can help educate the new generations and tourists to discover the secular heritage of Calabria and, in particular of Gerace. Here, you can find one of the branches linked to the Farm "Baron G.R. Macrì" & Vineyard, founded in 1991 to help educate and create an awareness regarding the revitalization of the local rural reality. An intense activity that finds one of its strongest points in hospitality, an intelligent way to better convey the beauty and the great history of Gerace. Perfectly positioned - 10 kilometers from both the sea and the mountains - immersed in nature and surrounded by fields, stands the Farm "Baron G.R. Macrì". An accommodation that, like many others in our area, in addition to offering guests every possible technological resource such as internet, adsl, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, they will be able to sit back and relax and as we like to say also in Italian “staccare la spina” or “pull the plug” one everyday stressful activities. However offering the opportunity to work online if necessary and finding a balance sometimes so difficult to find at home by enjoying a unique sensory experience. Giving you the opportunity to follow moment by moment, many activities take place on the farm based obviously on the season and period of the year in which you visit. Whether it is to spend your free time in the den with a book or the TV and, then, to retire and enjoy the rest of the night in one of the comfortable and personalized rooms. Rooms surrounded by greenery and furnished with non-standardized furniture which stand out for their style and sophistication. . Everything being connected with a golden thread to tie all the activities of the "Baron G. R. Macrì" estate together, including the restaurant where the menu is complete with only traditional dishes, seasonal products and prepared with the wisest of care by the women from Gerace and accompanied by the vineyard’s own production. Perfect for a romantic dinner, to celebrate an event or an anniversary or whether it be to experience alone or with friends!

Here you can...
The silence of the countryside, the sun that slowly yet poetically disappears and gives way to the moon will charm its guests since you will have already been won over by the sincere hospitality and simplicity of the area, which is Calabria. A place where you will be allowed to focus on yourself and just let yourself go. Helped by the slow pace of nature and by the one hundred percent organic products which you will find from your arrival : from milk to hot ricotta, from fruit to jams and finally cookies and tarts. Oh, the sweet scents of childhood.

We are all Roger
You will be accompanied in the discovery of flavors and ancient traditions such as homemade pasta, or the production of cheese or bread. The “Pranzo Normanno” or "Norman Lunch"will give you the opportunity to discover and taste these products on a delicious menu based on pancakes, coldcuts, cheeses, pickled vegetables, nduja, homemade pasta and pork sauce (small rolled black pork cooked on a low-flame for 5-6 hours) potatoes or vegetables, pie, water or wine.
In addition to the visit to the farm, you can choose between recreational experiences lasting 1 hour: such as the preparation of homemade pasta, or bread with sourdough, or the “ cheese experience”.

Le esperienze del Barone: pasta, formaggi, pane.
€ 10,00 – 60’
Banchetto Medievale
€ 35,00

Info and contacts
Baron G. R. Macrì
Contrada Modi 89040 – Gerace
+39 0964 356497
Giuseppe Fragomeni +39 3351283052