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U’ sapuni I’casa I’Ruggeru

Sapiri and Sapuri

Sapiri e Sapuri was founded to carry out activities in the areas of local culture, crafts, tourism, food and wine and solidarity, to raise awareness regarding the beauty that surrounds us in its smallest detail that can escape from everyday life by developing social, cultural and recreational activities through numerous experiences, discovering what the area has to offer in a educational and fun way.

We are all Roger
Rosetta, in collaboration with the association, offers cultural and recreational experiences of various kinds, from the fascinating cycle of the silkworm, to the creation of home-made soap with olive oil. Do not miss the opportunity of discovering the secrets of the area’s local flavors such as sourdough or through the production of typical liquors and chocolates.

U' sapuni I'casa I' Ruggeru: Soap-making workshop:
€ 3,00 per person and a gift of Ruggero's soap.
The Silkworm Cycle
(from April to July for 60 days)
€ 3,00 per person.
“Sourdough secrets”, tips on how to keep it leavened
€ 3,00 per person and a gift of 120 gr of sour-dough.

Info and contacts
Ass. Sapiri e Sapuri
Via Zaleuco, 4/6 Gerace
Rosetta Bolognino +39 328 4177887