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From the farm to the table

La Valle Incantata
e Fattoria De Lillas

Just the right address: 4 kilometers from medieval Gerace, 6 kms from the archaeological site of Locri Epizefiri and at the same distance away , you can find the thermal baths of Antonimina, the "holy waters of Locri", already known in the seventh century BC to be rich in sulfate and chloride, bacteriologically pure and ideal for treating gynecological disorders, chronic bronchitis and dermopathy. A structure set between the green of the countryside and the blue of the sky with two cottages restored with philological care and attention to detail, surrounded by oak trees, orchards, citrus groves and vineyards. A unique ensemble that perfectly renders the definition of a welcoming Calabria made by the famous art historian Bernard Berenson: "Long hours of dreaming with a panorama of marvellous, enchanting scenery" and that transforms the guests' stay into a holiday in the anthropological sense of the word: time for escape, for rest but also for getting to know oneself and others, a joyful expectation similar to that described by Giacomo Leopardi in "Sabato del villaggio". There are only three elegantly furnished and spacious rooms, each one different from the other and furnished with antique local handicrafts, equipped with Wi-Fi and air conditioning and shaded by colorful curtains. A warm get-away for guests who, after a day spent discovering the wonders of Gerace, lazy hours spent by the pool, sipping an aperitif in the bar or watching their little ones play in the well-equipped space reserved for children, want to pull the plug and indulge in a well-deserved relaxation lulled by the chirping of cicadas while, from the windows, the rays of the moon and stars peep through.
The De Lillas Family provides high hospitality which is accompanied by quality food. The farmhouse which is nothing short of elegant has two halls over seventy seats –serving dishes, many taken from family recipes, prepared with the typical organically- grown ingredients and sold in the farm store. An "enchanted" place, also ideal for events and meetings, romantic getaways and to escape from the deafening contemporary chaos of everyday life.

We are all Roger
Mimmo pours his love into creating and proposing experiences related to the flavors and typical products of the territory through which you will know the production of liqueurs, pickled vegetables with freshly picked products from the garden, production of meats and homemade bread with ancient grains to be enjoyed with hot ricotta, and experiences related to homemade pasta. He thrives in bringing from the garden to the table, the authentic flavors of the earth, which have been prepared together with Mimmo and who you will sit and dine with as a sign of generosity and sharing that distinguish our people. He will accompany the guests in the preparation of vegetables directly picked from the garden, homemade cold cuts (only from November to February), liqueurs (nocino, licorice, bergamot, wild berry).

Here you can...
Spend a relaxing holiday in the rooms of the farmhouse finely restored and furnished, immersed in the scents of the earth and good food of Calabria. Take a moment of peace to enjoy the beautiful swimming pool and enjoy a high-class cuisine with products grown and processed directly by the local business in their excellent restaurant with two dining areas and over seventy seats.

An enchanting lunch: € 25,00 per person.
From the farm to the table: Workshop of jams, cold cuts, liqueurs. € 10,00 per person.
Reservations are required (Sunday excluded for the experiences). Minimum 10 people.

Info and contacts
Farmhouse La Valle Incantata and Fattoria de Lillas
Contrada Preiori 1, 89040 Gerace
Domenico De Lillas +39 328 08 32 451