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Aspromonte National Park

In the surroundings of Gerace it is possible to live wonderful experiences in the Aspromonte National Park (Unesco Geo-park) visiting enchanting natural places like the caves along the River "San Paolo" and the caves called "San Dijunio".

Possible paths of Trekking:

- From Passo Ropolà to the gorges of San Paolo - Difference in altitude 475 s.l.m. to 147 s.l.m. Km 13 – Difficulty: medium.

- Geosito Monte Tre Pizzi Ciminà - 16 Km - Medium-high difficulty. A path, immersed in the thick vegetation of Aspromonte, which offers wide observation areas ranging from the river valley to the fortress of Gerace, the castle of Roccella Jonica and the Ionian Sea of Capo Bruzzano. The route culminates with a visit to the ruins of the ancient church of Saints Peter and Paul at 700 meters above sea level.

- The Southern Dolomites, or the Towers of Canolo - Sport climbing.

- Monolith of Pietra Cappa - San Luca - (about 40 km from Gerace) - 830 meters above sea level. -Medium difficulty. The Valley of the Big Stones hosts various rocky conglomerates such as Pietra Lungo, Pietra Castello, Rocche di S Pietro and others. This itinerary is described as the ring of Pietra Cappa, a monolith considered to be one of the largest in Europe, which occupies 4 hectares and rises more than 130 meters. The valley of the big stones where Pietra Cappa resides can be reached from the state road 106, taking the exit for San Luca and continuing towards the mountains for over 15 km.

- The nature trail of the "Scialata" (or of the Levadìo torrent), a mountain hiking trail located in the territory of the Municipality of San Giovanni di Gerace (RC).