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of Prestarona
and Monserrato

In the surroundings of Gerace it is possible to visit the monasteries with their churches: The Monastery of "Prestarona" and "Monserrato". “Our Lady of Prestarona” is the name of the homonymous sanctuary situated in the territory of the municipality of Canolo, on the eastern part of the Aspromonte mountains where Mary, mother of Jesus, is venerated. Her feast falls on the first Sunday after Easter. She is particularly worshipped by the inhabitants of Gerace and Canolo. The Church of Santa Maria di Monserrato, originally annexed to a hermitage, dates back to 1636 and it is characterized by the roof-tiled dome. 

By renting a car or an electric bike, it is possible to go around the village and see these historical places immersed in a completely natural landscape.